Frequently asked questions

What would be considered as Senior Connections?

Senior Connections mentioned in our Executive Plans would be profiles with job title fields containing the following terms/ phrases:

  • Chief Executive Officer / CEO
  • Chief Technology Officer / CTO
  • Chief Financial Officer / CFO
  • Chief Operation Officer / COO
  • General Manager
  • Head
  • Director
  • President

How should I engage with my new connections?

Given you would already be connected to them, you can send them personal messages on LinkedIn to start conversations.

You will also be able to sort your new connections according to your preference with our Connection Profile Summary, so you can plan & prioritise your outreach accordingly. (Not available to General Basic & Executive Basic Plan)

If you find manually engaging your connections tiresome and wish to automate your messaging outreach, you can subscribe to our GROOO Outreach Plans (Coming soon) for optimal results.

Why do I need a profile makeover?

Your profile is basically your look, your handshake and self-introduction in an actual networking event. Setting up a power profile will make the perfect first impression to your potential connections, making it more likely to a successful connection.

I have a specific lead generation problem that I want to solve with automations, can I request for a custom plan/ solution?

You are more than welcome to share your thoughts with us by sending us an email via

Is there an option for a monthly/ annual plan?

We have decided to charge by results-met instead of a monthly / annual scheme, so you don’t have to worry about us prolonging our efforts on purpose to maximise fees.

How specific can you be with the connection criteria?

Your target profile is set by choosing the Location, Industry, Language and Job Title of a LinkedIn profile.Upon subscribing to our plans, you will be provided with a list to select various attributes of each criteria, your primary target and purpose of connection. Our algorithm will generate the best and most relevant attributes in each criteria and send it back to you for confirmation.